When all dreams can’t be achieved, I still dream.

A posse ad esse .A Latin phrase that means from being able to being. Those four words embody my pursuit of turning my dreams from a possibility to an actuality-from a faint vision in my mind to a concrete reality, which I can perceive with my eyes.

So what are these dreams I have? There are a vast amount of them, which differ so drastically that often times I am forced to question my own sanity.

Nevertheless, within the realm of my mind (inside that sacred space that is mine alone), I have formed an alternate reality in which I can pursue all these dreams. I know for a fact that there is no plausible way through which I would be able to achieve all my various dreams to the fullest; however, I do believe that I can experience each of them with some sense of fulfillment–even if that would be for just a brief moment.

I wholeheartedly believe that the life we live is too brief for people to not pursue the dreams that are rightfully theirs. So here it is. My attempt at chasing my dreams.

Well–this blog isn’t my attempt at pursuing my dreams per say. Actually, it serves as a memento that I can look over that will record and account for each of my successful (and unsuccessful) attempts at pursuing my dreams.

Here goes nothing.


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