When Inspiration Strikes

I really ought to be studying for my quiz tomorrow, but I can’t help but feel a sudden rush of inspiration. When I started this blog a day ago, I had the intent of only creating a space where I could explore my different dreams. But this thought just occurred to me. Well it was more of a question: “What is the point of this?”

Don’t worry! I’m not doubting my judgement in creating this blog (not yet anyways)! I was just considering the purpose of this blog. Well if the purpose is to explore my dreams, what better way to explore your dreams than to challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone and try things you would not try ordinarily?

I now realize this is more about merely dabbling in different forms of expression, this is actually a valiant (though initially subconscious effort) to force myself to work at those things, which I claim are important to me. So with a new vision in mind..I shall carry on blogworld!!



Your thoughts?

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