A Little Twist

I recently (one day ago) subscribed to the the blog the Daily Post. From what I can garner, this blog serves as an inspiration blog for writers, poets, photographers, artists, and everyday people who want to challenge themselves with writing. Well, since being a writer/philosopher is one of my dreams, I’m going to take it upon myself to attempt to complete as many writings as I deem appropriate based on the ideas that are posted to this neat blog. Definitely check it out if you are interested in doing the same or are just in need of inspiration.

Today’s Daily Prompt: “What a Twist”

Often times people think of a twist as a drastic change in the expected course of events. A twist, therefore, must be a blatant adjustment to the direction things seemed to have been headed. I usually would think about a twist in this sense; however, for the purpose of stepping outside of my comfort zone, I’m going to imagine that a twist is actually a minute change of details that often goes unnoticed until the grand effects are felt at a later time. With that frame of mind, I’m forced to ask myself what are some recent twists that have played out in the drama that is my life?

I wouldn’t say that my life is extraordinary. I’ve lived the life of your average, middle-class individual. Gone to the right school. Lived in the right neighborhood. I’m studying the right thing.

The plan has always been to get the right kind of job. Meet the right kind of guy. Have the right kind of family. One might view my story as mundane. Nevertheless, I believe that my story–especially in the last year and a half–holds more twists than a person examining it may initially perceive, even if that person is myself. 

Over a year ago the first minute twist made its way into my life in the form of a six-foot, blue-eyed, brown-haired, shy boy with a story to tell. Our chance encounter reads like one of those sappy chick flicks that I’ve watched one too many times.

The night I told my friend I’d met a guy who had me head over-heels, I had little to no idea how a few hours of preparing and serving sandwiches at a homeless shelter would transform into one of the most involved and most intimate relationships that I have ever had with anyone–romantic or otherwise. Little did I know that he would alter my whole life plan. Believe me when I say he sure screwed around with THE order.

Before I get into how such a seemingly innocent crush turned into a life-altering phenomenon, I have to explain that I am and will always be a control freak. Pause. I don’t mean that I have a desire to rule the world, but I do want to rule my life. From a young age I have made life plans out the wazoo–only modifying them slightly to fit my new interests and passions. As of two years ago, I could tell you what I would be doing five years from now. As of today, I have not a single clue–and the weird thing is that fact doesn’t scare me as much as it would have say a year ago.

You see before this handsome creature decided to enter my life, I had determined that I would be a child advocacy lawyer, working to protect the rights of battered and defenseless children throughout the whole of America (only to find that one class during my first semester of my freshman year of college would completely change that plan as well). I was going to work my butt off, earn my bachelors in Child Psychology (with a 4.0 of course–a 3.7 at worse), go on to a law school with a strong program in child and family law, graduate at the top of my class with a JD, and proceed to serve the throngs of helpless children until the day I would stumble upon Mr. Right. At the point where Mr. Right would enter the equation, I would have already been a few years into my career and have enough money to consider settling down and having a family. He would propose to me, and we would have a beautiful ceremony, an enchanting honeymoon, and 4-5 kids later, and a few college graduations and grandkids later, we (Mr. Right and I) would retire to a nice house where we could continue to pursue our passions in peace.

Maybe it’s God’s sense of humor. I can see Him chuckling to Himself and whoever is keeping Him company saying, “Oh, she thinks she has plans”.

Whatever the case may be, in enters Mr. Now with his charm, intellect, and wit, with his ability to understand me with all my glorious oddities and quirks, with his power of calming the anal retentive tendencies I have, with the uncanny gift of being able to make me second guess everything I thought I ever “knew”; suddenly–without me being able to comprehend what happened–all my plans have been shaken up, and today I stand a clueless girl. 

Clueless as to where I will be in five years (On the other side of the globe?!?!?!?). Clueless as to what I will be doing (of course I “know” it will be law). Clueless but nevertheless content knowing that for now, I still have Mr. Now.

Because for once in her life Ms. All Must be According to THE Plan does not really have a coherent plan.

And that my dear friends is a twist.



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