This post is part of a continued effort to challenge my writing and thought processes–inspired by prompts from The Daily Post. Today’s daily prompt is Super Sensitive.

In considering the senses that I have, I believe that the most important one is often overlooked by most people. This sense is not one of the five that we have all learned in primary schooling. The sense that I most value is that of being aware of yourself and those around you. This sense is crucial in day to day interactions. Given the choice between heightening that sense and losing another sense, I would choose to lose the sense of sight. I believe that it does not take the eyes to perceive the human condition–although the eyes play a very handy role.

With my sense of touch and my sense of hearing, I could relate to others at a quite intimate level without ever having to see them. I would not sacrifice my sense of smell and taste though because I am selfish and love food too much.


Your thoughts?

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