Inspiration is
Watching him get up this morning and choosing to face the day, despite the fact that he didn’t really want to.

The two of you had talked about it at length yesterday. He was not looking forward to all that he had ahead of him today. Nevertheless, he got up. You watched him say goodbye. He was going to do it.

Inspiration is
Knowing that on the other side of the world, your better half is dealing with the same kind of turmoil you have faced over the course of the last week, yet he has decided to face it with courage. Not because he wants to, but because he promised to do it for you. He promised to do it for us.

Inspiration is
Having a ten minute conversation where very few words were exchanged, but realizing at the end of it all you really let yourself go over the last few days. You lost sight of the shore where your goals lie. You let yourself be swept away by one excuse after another. You nearly drowned in the depths of doubt. He saved you. He threw you a life vest disguised as a moment of determination and firm resolve.

So you’re laying in bed. You’re about to fall asleep. You close your eyes to the tears streaming down your cheeks. You feel a flame burning in your chest.

These tears are not sad ones. That flame is not a malicious one that threatens to consume you. The tears are of joy. That fire is your will being resolved.

You are prepared to face the week ahead of you now.

Because of inspiration.
Because of him.


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